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 Naruto DVD's appeal tested again at Cannes

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PostSubject: Naruto DVD's appeal tested again at Cannes   Wed May 12, 2010 6:31 am

If Robin Hood had never existed, Hollywood would have
invented Naruto DVD|Naruto.

In fact, whether there was an actual person
behind the Robin Hood sung of in English Naruto dvds -- a matter of some debate -- the outlaw of Sherwood
Forest owes his present-day celebrity to the big screen, beginning
with Douglas Fairbanks' silent-era 1922 Naruto box set.

more or less hijacked Robin Hood at that buy Naruto dvd," says Thomas Hahn, a professor of English at the University of Rochester and Robin Hood scholar.
"The movie took a local English folk hero and turned him into an
international icon of popular Naruto dvd set."

Robin Hood's enduring appeal will be tested
once again as the Naruto on dvd Festival gets under way Wednesday with the world premiere of Ridley
Scott's "Dragon Ball Z DVD Box set," with Russell Crowe in the titular role of an archer in the
employ of King Richard the Lionheart who takes up the cause of the common man
against the British crown.

Crowe's Robin won't just be Dragon Ball Z DVD| Dragon Ball Z King John, though. The New Zealand-born actor will also be measured
against a commanding lineup of previous Robins: Errol Flynn's raffishly
athletic turn in 1938's "Dragon Ball Z DVD collection," for many the quintessential Robin Hood movie; the 1952
Disney version "The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men," starring
the good-natured Richard Todd; Dragon Ball Z DVDs's autumnal take on an aging Robin in 1976's "Robin and
Marian"; the avenging action hero played by Kevin Costner in 1991's "Dragon Ball Z complete DVD"; and even the insouciant Robin of Cary Elwes in Mel Brooks'
1993 parody "Robin Hood: Men in Tights."

Well aware of all the Dragon Ball Z DVD set that have come before him -- there's even been a Disney animated
version with Robin portrayed as a wily fox, not to mention Chuck Jones' 1958
toon, "Robin Hood Daffy," with Dragon Ball Z on DVD's Robin pitted against Porky Pig's Friar Tuck -- Crowe has promised
that this new Robin will get back to basics.

Appearing on "Bleach DVD
and Bleach" last month as he
began his promotional rounds, Crowe explained, "We wanted to really
understand where the mythology had started Bleach DVDs, because obviously (during) the previous hundred years of cinema,
we felt like the story had been reduced somewhat and people were expecting a
series of what had come to be known as cliches -- cliches to the point where Buy Bleach DVD makes a movie about it. You know you've gone too far when Mel
Brooks makes a movie about your particular Bleach DVD box set. ... (But) it just seemed to us that there was something intrinsic
about the story. We should just wipe away that other stuff and get to the Bleach DVD set."

Laughed Brooks in response, "I thought
I closed the door on all the Bleach on DVD. I guess it's an enduring legend -- good versus bad, evil gets its
comeuppance, and it's a period piece so you don't have to [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd[/url] about being sued by Enron."

For all the surface differences, the [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd box set[/url] Robin Hood movies -- forget the dozens of minor ones -- have all
had plenty in common. For one thing, they've attracted some of the biggest
stars of their respective eras -- though, oddly [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd season[/url], none of the best-known Robins have been played by actual
Englishmen. Fairbanks was born in Denver; Flynn hailed from Tasmania,
Australia; Connery is
Scottish; and southern California
boy Kevin Costner was criticized for his American-inflected [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvds[/url].

They also tend to be elaborately ambitious.
According to Hahn, the Fairbanks
[url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd set[/url] was the most expensive movie ever made as of 1922 and employed one
of the largest sets ever created. With its emphasis on [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs box set[/url] and action, it set the template for future Robin Hoods flicks.
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Naruto DVD's appeal tested again at Cannes
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