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 Hit show "Scrubs dvd" spreads the

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PostSubject: Hit show "Scrubs dvd" spreads the   Sat May 15, 2010 5:17 am

It's six hours into the taping of the
"[url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd[/url]" season finale and the audience at the Saban Theater in
Beverly Hills, California -- made up of Facebook and Twitter fans of the [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd box set[/url], some of whom have flown in from across the country just for the
taping -- is getting restless.

Fueled by just Dixie
cups of water and [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd season[/url], blood sugar is lagging, and patience with the overhead balloon
lights, being tweaked by a millimeter yet again, is wearing thin. Actress Jane
Lynch, who plays the obstreperous cheerleader coach/drill sergeant [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvds[/url], comes to the balcony to answer some questions and keep the crowd
engaged -- or at least awake. One fan asks her what has been her favorite
bitchtacular "[url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs dvd set[/url]" from the script.

"Actually, my favorite line hasn't
aired [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Scrubs-Seasons-1-9-DVD-Box-set-cartoon-1948.html]Scrubs box set[/url]," Lynch says, "but it's one she says to Kurt, the gay
kid. 'Loving musical theater doesn't make you gay -- it makes you awful.'"
Au contraire, Sue.

Starting Saturday (May 15), the entire cast
of "[url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html]Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD[/url]| [url=http://www.cartoon77.com]Mickey Mouse Clubhouse[/url]" -- from Broadway vet
Lea Michele, who plays lead ingenue Rachel Berry, to dancer Harry Shum Jr.,
dubbed the "other Asian" in the show's snark-a-minute [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html]Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection[/url] -- will embark on a four-city, 13-stop tour. It represents a
turning point for the show; in less than a year on the air, it has moved beyond
the Twitter-fueled zeitgeist to achieve a rare showbiz [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html]Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD
[/url], generating substantial income
across three platforms: TV, recording sales and touring.

Still in its first season, the Fox series
has sucked in [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html]Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs[/url] with its inventive mix of musical-theater brio, pop-chart savvy and
outsider empathy. In an episode that Nielsen says was watched by 13.5 million
viewers, [url=http://www.cartoon77.com/products/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Complete-Series-DVD-Boxset-cartoon-1481.html]Mickey Mouse DVD[/url]'s lead performance of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" sold
87,000 digital downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan; in addition, the
stand-alone "Power of Madonna" soundtrack from the Nip tuck dvd season debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 98,000 copies.
The show's first soundtrack sold 799,000, the second 594,000 and the
best-selling digital track to date, the cast's version of Journey's "Nip tuck dvd| Nip tuck',"
a show-stopper from episode one, has sold 730,000 downloads.

"I remember I talked to (executive
producer) Nip tuck dvds, and (co-creator) Ryan Murphy and said, 'If all works well, we
should see records in the top 10 and we should sell albums. And if all that
works, we should do a tour,'" says Geoff Bywater, head of the music
department at 20th Century Fox Nip tuck on dvd.


The "Nip tuck dvd set!" tour will travel for two weeks and hit Phoenix,
Los Angeles, Chicago
and New York.
Ticket prices range from $35 to $94, depending on the market. All five of the New York shows at Radio
City Music
Hall have sold Everybody loves Raymond dvd| Everybody loves Raymond, Bywater says, and the fourth and final Los Angeles concert sold out in 30 seconds
after sales went live. ("I've never even been to Radio City Music Hall before," says actor
Kevin McHale, who plays the Everybody loves Raymond dvds Artie.)

Adam Anders, who produces the songs
featured on "Everybody loves Raymond dvd series" as well as the soundtracks, arranged the tracks that will be
performed during the tour. There are 17 songs being considered for inclusion in
the stage show. The 90-minute concert will mix big cast numbers from the TV
show with solos from various cast Everybody loves Raymond dvd set -- and Anders says there is the possibility that some of the cast
will switch off and sing songs originally performed by a different cast member
during the show. The announced set list includes "Married with children DVD|married with children'," Van Halen's "Jump," "Don't Rain on My
Parade" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

"It's really a concert -- it's not a
stage production of the married with children dvds," Bywater says, although there will be video footage to
complement the performances. "We think the audience is coming to hear

There are several stage veterans in the
cast, in addition to married with children dvd season. Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina, grew up playing child roles on
Broadway and appeared in the Tony Award-winning musical "Spring Awakening"
just before "Glee." While the rigors of touring may be Rurouni Kenshin DVD to most of the cast, Anders experienced firsthand what it's like to
go from "the vacuum" of recording the music in the studio to seeing
the impact the songs have when performed live.

"I was in the crowd at (the cast's
appearance on) 'Rurouni Kenshin DVD set' and I thought I was at a Jonas Brothers concert," Anders
says. "There was just so much screaming -- and they were all adults. It
was Rurouni Kenshin TV series. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when kids are

Plans are already in the works for another,
longer "Rurouni Kenshin box set" tour to follow the show's second season in 2011; Bywater says
they've been offered dates in arenas. "One of the promoters called me and
said, 'Geoff, you have the hottest ticket in the country,'" he says.
"It's good to hear that, but we have to make sure we Rurouni Kenshin OVA."
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Hit show "Scrubs dvd" spreads the
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