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 Coldplay allows "Naruto DVD" to use its songs

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PostSubject: Coldplay allows "Naruto DVD" to use its songs   Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:17 am

As Fox's "Naruto
" became a breakout hit, bands lined up for a chance to have
their music Naruto
by the William McKinley High kids.

Well, not every artist. Notably, Naruto
box set
power-ballad master Bryan Adams and
British soft-rockers Coldplay said no.

But writer-producer Ryan Murphy told the buy
Naruto dvd
Reporter that not only has
Coldplay changed its collective mind, the band's entire catalog has also been
made Naruto
dvd set
to the show.

"At the beginning," Murphy said,
"a lot of Naruto
on dvd
didn't know what we were and asked to
see pages (in advance), but I refused because I didn't want to set precedent of
them having any involvement. My favorite rejection was Bryan Adams. Naruto
new release
and Bryan Adams were really the
only rejections. But Coldplay called a week ago and said, 'We're sorry, you can
have our Dragon
Ball Z DVD Box set

A nod from the "Glee" kids can
lead to a lucrative Dragon
Ball Z DVD
| Dragon Ball Z
for a song's writers and publishers. Their Dragon
Ball Z DVD collection
of Journey's
"Don't Stop Believing" reached No. 4 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles
chart a year ago, while a Madonna-themed Dragon
Ball Z DVDs
hit No. 1.

The bulk of the defendants' response is
devoted to questioning why Dragon
Ball Z complete DVD
is the proper venue for
this dispute. None of the parties currently reside in the state, and the only
apparent connection to New Jersey is that Sarver formerly was a resident of Dragon
Ball Z DVD set
, and the film was distributed
in the state. The defendants believe that a California district court would be
the proper jurisdiction.

If this case was litigated in Dragon
Ball Z on DVD
, the defendants would likely
file an anti-SLAPP motion to strike the complaint as an abridgment of free
speech. That strategy has proven effective for movie producers wishing to Dragon
Ball Z new release
lawsuits based on the
content of their films. The defendants could also make a claim for attorneys
fees if they win, as well as damages in a countersuit.

The defendants believe that the First Bleach
and Bleach confers broad protections on expressive, commercial speech, but
recent courts have challenged this assumption. For example, last month, a
federal judge in Tennessee rejected a similar argument from the Weinstein
Company to dismiss a lawsuit from soul icon Bleach DVDs who found an identifiable likeness in the 2008 film, "Soul

Their attorney, Frederick Jackman, said the
couple did not ask the judge to let them see their son before he is cremated.

"They want Gary to rest. That's all Buy Bleach DVD want. I think they feel like if they came out here it would create
'activity,'" Jackman said. "Their son is gone. They just want him
left alone."

Price and Gray each say they should be Bleach
DVD box set

for administering the estate of the "Diff'rent Strokes" star. Price's
attorneys objected to the judge's decision to give Bleach
DVD set
hours to view Coleman one last Bleach
on DVD

Price's attorneys contend she is the
rightful heir to Frasier
| Frasier
's estate because even though the two divorced in 2008, she was
still his common-law wife. Court documents say the couple continued to live
together, shared bank Frasier
dvd series
and presented themselves as
husband and wife.

It wasn't publicly known the two had Frasier
complete dvd
until after Coleman died after
suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Price referred to Coleman as her husband Frasier
dvd season
she called 911 on May 26, saying
he had fallen and was bleeding severely from the back of his head.

Coleman was still conscious when he was Frasier
to a hospital in Provo but slipped into
unconsciousness the next day and was placed on life support. It was Price who
ordered Coleman to be taken off of life support. In 2006 — before they were
married —Frasier
dvd set
signed documents giving Price legal
authority to make medical decisions for him if he couldn't.

A court filing by Kester said Frasier
on dvd
has been informed that Price has been
removing personal property from Coleman's home.
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Coldplay allows "Naruto DVD" to use its songs
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