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 a mouse Waiting for death

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PostSubject: a mouse Waiting for death   Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:14 pm

A flower dog saw a mouse ate with ed hardy clothing relish the wall of the cook the food, anxious and he shouted: "Hey, mouse, rodent control team that was put in the exterminator, eat you will die soon!" mice suffered a scare when suddenly he heard elders say: rat poison is highly toxic, clean of a life should die from.

Mice rushed back to hole, straight limbs, lying in bed waiting for death to come. Time of one second to one second later, mice are little by little nerve taut, it's fear of death are languishing. But half a day later, mice not only did not die, even the stomach are hurt. Mouse feel very bored, restless it got up from bed and kept walking in the cave, is trying to relax it faster Flanagan stretched the nerve to be broken. ed hardy bags are half a day later, no response to mouse or a little. It sat on the floor of a thought: "I must have eaten a newly developed high-tech human poison, the drug is to slow from the mental torment me, let me all day shrouded in fear of death, survival not, Qiusibuneng. Finally his failure to die. "The thought of the mouse anger, and it growled loudly shouted:" It was too cruel, mice can be killed can not be humiliated, you do not is a death, instead of languishing in this way also Eat more than go dead paint the town red. "

Mouse really drilled hole, then went to put ed hardy shoes rat poison in place, breathing places to eat. Flower dogs see dead mice not only failed but runs back to the drug find it very strange that eat mice, it has never seen such fear of death of rats, it kind sympathetic to the mouse explained: "mouse, I do not lie to you, yesterday, I pro- ears to hear people say that the medication is the most efficient exterminator, said to be expired as long as is necessary to eat one, I heard the price is several times the original tetramine it!"
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a mouse Waiting for death
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