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 Fox prison only regret

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PostSubject: Fox prison only regret   Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:43 am

Tiger and the lion is king of beast, the coach outlet leopard is a little king. Tribute of creatures who come, 95% of the three King of all respect, but only foxes, wolves and other rare subjects always use a double face or the attitude of public discontent, which led to the back talking about!
Especially the fox, is a snob, it met with the tigers and lions are always Nuyan servile, it is extremely gentle; the leopard after it met with a look of contempt exposed momentum, I thought you were a little king, you have to listen to 2 King's, why should I respect you? You should respect I did the spirit of my mind than you, back door than you hard, bribery than you, work better than you, what are your skills? Never seen the world, I still smell the old fox before it airs, you also hyena hunting to food, wood dog who snatched, how much ability?
That evening, the fox and the dog steal the chicken farm, fox killed a chicken, she was taking it every owner to have to deal with the king size. Two large king criticized the small cheap coach bags and dog, write profound written examination, promising not to repeat the release back to its units; but in the handling of the fox, two large king had serious differences: the tiger agreed and small dogs the same treatment, killed chickens is wrong to bite, two days of detention, but also the release of their flats back, as far as possible be treated equally; the lion king was firmly opposed to, say fox has never worry about their work, and gained touch duck, incorrigible, Jianhua sophistry lawlessness, should be sentenced to two years!
2 King stalemate, but to ask leopard comments.
Leopard king heard the views of the two did not hesitate to say that I agree with Lion's ruling, let it sit for two years in prison!
Tiger had the majority, let it go to prison! Fox suddenly shed tears of remorse ... ...
- Sometimes you look down on people, good or bad for your evaluation, with the rise and the fate of devaluation, it plays a coach bags or key role!
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Fox prison only regret
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