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 Chelsea: Actually, the decision to rely on their C

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PostSubject: Chelsea: Actually, the decision to rely on their C   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:03 pm

Chelsea's match away to Wigan 63 minutes, Ancelotti started substitutions. Generally speaking,Coach purses made the road leading 3-0, coach can stop. But no one would have thought that Chelsea in the final 30 minutes of time, nearly scored another three goals, and this "hat tricks" are done by the bench.

Ferreira replaced in the state with poor Ivanovic, the first 70 minutes, Kalou replacing Malouda played. 78 minutes, Drogba descendants catch the ball in the circle points before, after the breakthrough Alcaraz, even Figueroa struggling to return to chase, and also did not hamper the pace of progress of Warcraft, the face of attack goalkeeper Kirkland, Drogba ball to the left another wave of calm, Karau the ball to the people that pushed the ball into the empty net. The first 90 minutes, Drogba cross from the left in a small restricted area is near the line Kalou high leaps, the ball into the top goal. According to OPTA's technology statistics, played 20 minutes, Kalou 2 shots all hit the target, and have become a goal, in addition to Cheap coach bags and a threat to spread the ball, its efficiency is raspberry.

However,Coach factory outlet and Chelsea's goal feast is not over. The first 3 minutes injury time, Chelsea's replacement had also completed a goal, and this goal is even more significant for blue. Ferreira received the ball after Anelka's sub-transmission right-sided ground ball in the summer from Liverpool's Yossi Benayoun to join the far corner inside the restricted area relevant statistic procedures will be locked in a 6-0 score. Count the Community Shield match, Benayoun represent blue appearance of the 53 minutes, he scored with this Department, declared his son in the presence of blue.

6-0 of victory of course, Blue's fans happy,but the replacement of their Cheap jeans outstanding performance, is even more Ancelotti happy. This week, let rhetoric captain John Terry, Chelsea's goal this season, at least the defending Premier League and FA Cup, and also to fight for Champions League title. Everyone knows that the "Big Ear Cup" on Chelsea with what significance. In 2008, that rainy night in Moscow, John Terry take a penalty in the foot when the skid, so the first time Chelsea lost the Champions League final on the cup into the opportunity. In Karau view, this season is Chelsea's last chance to compete for Champions League. Because several of the mainstays of the team, Lampard, Drogba, Malouda and Anelka have been over 30 years, and captain John Terry and left back Ashley - Cole is also about 12 this year walked on this bridge. In England, Chelsea have won all the domestic races of the title, if Chelsea fail to the Champions League this season, launch a "general offensive", then after that opportunity, but more and more smaller.

Blue today, the performance of the firm are to Ancelotti such confidence.In the Chelsea bench,Designer jeans can be said to place where dragons and tigers are hiding. In addition to other Karau, Yossi Benayoun is not enough time to get the Israelis at the start of last season's state is blue fans want to see; "Russian Ronaldinho" Zhirkov last season can only be revealed even Zhengrong to describe; Young striker Situliqi are growing rapidly; In addition,due to an injury a season-long Bosingwa, will resume training next week, the. In the Premier League, had depth and decided to title the process, has become a well-known fact. Chelsea early in April away game against Manchester United that season Substitute Joe - Cole as blue Shoukaijilu. This season, despite Chelsea freed Michael Ballack, Deco and Joe - Cole and others, but the team's strength and not experienced any significant decline. All this will be the blue multi-line combat, jeans outlet and win more trophies basis.
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Chelsea: Actually, the decision to rely on their C
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