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 The cows wan't to die

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PostSubject: The cows wan't to die   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:30 pm

A time when the peak of milk cows standing meekly waiting for milking byre,coach outlet may require long past time workers still do not see the shadow. She craned his neck discomfort to "moo" a cry, call out to her companions immediately got the response, the farm where suddenly there was heard a "moo" cattle call.

Door finally figure there is a white gown, cows were suddenly quiet. "What is it called, do you think you or a baby Yes, your milk now unwanted, and not the three hormones together aminonitriles is premature Who Ganhe you? Head of the farm is preparing to pull the slaughterhouse you go!" white lab coat, the words "pa" closed the door and left.

White lab coat, then, cheap coach bags as to the calm lake in a huge stone thrown into the aroused layers of waves, breaking the calm of cow heart. She heard elders say, a hundred years ago, their ancestors who came to China from the West, fell in love with soft and hard-working small cattle, after they have these able-bodied, high rate of Holstein cows with offspring. It was a beautiful picture of how much ah! In the blue sky and white clouds, groups of Holstein cows in the vast prairie free to walk, eat natural growth of grass, drinking a stream of sweet water, the milk is not mixed with the slightest false rushing white of whole milk. Who does not take them when the baby you?

She sighed heavily, my heart burst of desolation: "Alas! Ancestors Yeah! Injustice which we now live! From birth until now had not seen day, all day in a room for the railings, and even the activities about the body are difficult, not to mention delicious to eat fresh grass that was. hour marquis eat feed added growth agent, would like to find a partner after two years of age when even a different gender are faceless, wait until birth to children of artificial insemination , we became a living milk machine, wear a straw out of every four nipples suction. an annual output of 5000 liters of milk was not enough, we should feed in to add galactagogue medicine. Alas! this just great, is not only harmful, it has caused us killed! "

We must think of themselves and a companion, a short work was dismembered, torn apart, leather made of leather, meat by-side, on the table, blood, viscera, bones used for feed additives. One by one live life like a bubble, like a burst, disappear without a trace, the cow shed sadly two lines of turbid tears.

She raised her head sadly looked around the companion, companions, also a corner wearing a tear looking at her! Should say that she could not bear to gang grew up together, from morning till evening the sisters, she did not want to leave this world a young age, the only way to escape only to join with you. Cow heart filled with a burst of irresistible impulse, she looked down and quietly discuss the sisters together.

The next morning, major national newspapers have reported a sensation in the mass exodus of the country's dairy news, radio and TV stations continue to remind people: Do not close these crazy cows,coach bags to avoid wounding cow!
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The cows wan't to die
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