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 Your happiness up to you

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PostSubject: Your happiness up to you   Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:21 pm

A small girl, very love watermelon. Watermelon saw her standing Tanabe asked: "want to buy watermelon?" She nodded: "But I have only a dime." Watermelon look at her cute, he said: "I'll give you a small watermelon." Daughter orphan thought and said: "Well,coach outlet but you'd better stop off, and I had to take some time." simple and honest Watermelon agreed. A month later, a small girl took out a large watermelon, also took away a group of adults in the commends.

- Because time can know to bring growth, so the girls got Chigua happiness.

Reading junior high math grades were not good girls. One day after school, she and her math teacher said: "The teacher, then I help you clean up after school every day the office, you tell me 20 minutes every day math problem, right?" The teacher laughed agreed. When the math teacher she became a mathematics master was heard, he was surprised to find that her three other children learn more than 300 hours!

- Because to understand time can produce progress, so the girls got talent happy.

Boss's husband, busy, little time with her; rare to come back once, always gave her expensive clothes, jewelry for compensation, but cheap coach bags and she turned down each time: "I am willing to spend money to buy one day Happy. "her husband agreed. After experiencing both sides of each occurrence of unpleasant, she will come up one day to her husband, "keep one's word." In this way, they spent "three years of the cold," "Seven Year Itch", the rich easy to divorce the "usual disease" did not happen to her husband.
Because the time to understand the implementation of preservation, so clever a woman to obtain the family's happiness.

Child has a child, a woman became a grandmother at home child care for children. Her child said: "In the past raising your grace not to mention that from now on, I care how long your child, your future will take care of me a long time." Promised child. Later, a serious illness of her defeat, she was paralyzed in bed for a few years, attentive care of the child, breaking the "no filial long bedside," the vulgar say.

- Because time can understand the replacement time, when the woman got sick bad family happiness.
Five Sentences around the clock. Time is relentless, but also full of magic, as long as you are good at controlling the time may be eternal, but coach bags can be happy.
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Your happiness up to you
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