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 An accident

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PostSubject: An accident   Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:42 pm

Zhang Yun, a common storekeeper. Each day she would see out of the company from building administrators, the shuttle on the company's various departments. Zhang Yun envy,coach outlet imagined himself one day to become a member of them. However, Mr Cheung intoxicated dream that she aspired not wake up, but there was a accident.

That work, Mr Cheung cold and a bad cough, could not help but cough up bending drama, has just the door itself with the maintenance workers ran into the, the man had done a device accessories hand knocked to the ground, broke.

Zhang Yun opened just arrived at work completing the transfer list, then the price indicated above is sufficient for Mr Cheung to fill three months of wages is not enough. Zhang Yun knew that, in accordance with the company's current warehouse items requisitioning system, she can open an in-house equipment, accessories Consuming one, go find a maintenance team knew the words to sign, no matter what she had, but also for the entire company , this is only a minimal loss cheap coach bags.

However, Mr Cheung did not do, she at the end of the warehouse inventory items on the report postscript reads: Whether it was an accident or incident, "responsibility" is "shirking" destroy the devil can not, so I chose to take, even if I have to pay three months of sweat and time, but long life in the future, I will go because of his clear conscience and very stable.

Accidents in the past, Mr Cheung still love to see office buildings, still doing her dream. Until one day, holding the file manager is Mr Cheung took a paper to her. Zhang Yun took the file, open a wry smile, she knew that such things are mostly Xiejian Tao, like bonus deduction processing. Document is printed with an A4 paper, the above reads: normal operation of the equipment can not do without each and every tiny part, the same, the health of a company can not develop without the sincere efforts of every employee. We believe that if you are an administrator, even if you can not handle the management issues you face,coach bags,at least you allow us to hear the real problems of an incident, so we deal with the Jieguo than the "shifting process" should be simple and Bing Youxiaodeduo . So from tomorrow onwards, you are welcome to enter the company's management team. The following is chairman of the handwritten signature.
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An accident
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